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  09/20/2018 Science: Scientific Community, Metaresearch, by Erik Stokstad - Health and Science
This research group seeks to expose weaknesses in science-and they''ll step on some toes if they have to
- Metaresearchers investigate how scientists operate, and how they can slip off the rails.
  09/20/2018 Scinec: Health, by Emily Underwood - Clinical
Your gut is directly connected to your brain, by a newly discovered neuron circuit
- A new study reveals the gut has a much more direct connection to the brain through a neural circuit that allows it to transmit signals in mere seconds.
  09/24/2018 Science: Biology, Health, by Mitch Leslie - Clinical
Zapping mutant DNA in mitochondria could treat major class of genetic disease
- Two studies published this week in Nature Medicine reveal that two older genome-editing tools can slash the amount of defective mtDNA in mice bred to have a mitochondrial disease, counteracting the effects of the mutation. The proof-of-principle results could open the way for the first treatments for mitochondrial diseases.
  09/26/2018 Science: Health, John Cohen - Clinical
Powerful antibodies suppress HIV for months, could simplify treatment
- Two studies in small numbers of people show for the first time that infusions of e two powerful anti-HIV antibodies can completely suppress the virus for several months.
  09/16/2018 The New England Journal of Medicine (Massachusetts Medical Society) - Health and Science
Effect of Aspirin on Disability-free Survival in the Healthy Elderly
- Aspirin use in healthy elderly persons did not prolong disability-free survival over a period of 5 years but led to a higher rate of major hemorrhage than placebo.
  09/16/2018 The New England Journal of Medicine (Massachusetts Medical Society) - Health and Science
Effect of Aspirin on All-Cause Mortality in the Healthy Elderly
- Higher all-cause mortality was observed among apparently healthy older adults who received daily aspirin than among those who received placebo and was attributed primarily to cancer-related death.
  09/16/2018 The New England Journal of Medicine (Massachusetts Medical Society) - Health and Science
Effect of Aspirin on Cardiovascular Events and Bleeding in the Healthy Elderly
- The use of low-dose aspirin as a primary prevention strategy in older adults resulted in a significantly higher risk of major hemorrhage and did not result in a significantly lower risk of cardiovascular disease than placebo
  09/14/2018 Science 14 Sep 2018: Vol. 361, Issue 6407, pp. 1069-1070 - Health and Science
A pinch of RNA spices up DNA repair
- Pryor et the surprising discovery that ribonucleotides are frequently incorporated at broken DNA ends, which enhances repair. This important finding overturns the central dogma of molecular biology by demonstrating that transient incorporation of ribonucleotides in DNA has a biological function.
  09/12/2018 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) - Clinical
Scientists engineer a powerful new weapon against antibiotic-resistant bacteria
- By Jon Cohen, Sep. 12, 2018 New drug can breach sturdy cell membranes and thwart life-threatening infections
  09/13/2018 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) - Clinical
Engineered natural killer cells may be the next great cancer immunotherapy
- By Mitch Leslie, Sep. 13, 2018 Inspired by success with T cells, scientists equip other immune cells with cancer-homing protein

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