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  09/13/2018 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) - Clinical
How humans and other mammals might have gotten their night vision
- By Emily Underwood, Sep. 13, 2018
  09/14/2018 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) - Clinical
Top stories: a gene for marathons, piercing the haze on ammonia, and a health plan for the ''Icemen''
- By Frankie Schembr, Sep. 14, 2018 This broken gene may have turned our ancestors into marathoners - and helped humans conquer the world
  08/27/2018 Nature - Health and Science
The NORAD lncRNA assembles a topoisomerase complex critical for genome stability
- Our results demonstrate that the interaction between NORAD and RBMX is important for NORAD function, and that NORAD is required for the assembly of the previously unknown topoisomerase complex NARC1, which contributes to maintaining genomic stability.
  08/29/2018 Nature - Health and Science
Required growth facilitators propel axon regeneration across complete spinal cord injury
- These findings identify a mechanism-based biological repair strategy for complete SCI lesions that could be suitable to use with rehabilitation models designed to augment the functional recovery of remodelling circuits.
  08/29/2018 Nature - Health and Science
Integrating time from experience in the lateral entorhinal cortex
- The findings suggest that populations of lateral entorhinal cortex neurons represent time inherently through the encoding of experience.
  09/03/2018 Nature - Health and Science
Precancerous neoplastic cells can move through the pancreatic ductal system
- We estimate that this multi-step progression generally spans many years. These new data reframe the step-wise progression model of pancreatic cancer by illustrating that independent, high-grade pancreatic precursor lesions observed in a single pancreas often represent a single neoplasm that has colonized the ductal system, accumulating spatial and genetic divergence over time.
  09/05/2018 Nature - Health and Science
Extensive sex differences at the initiation of genetic recombination
- The suppression of distal crossovers may help to minimize age-related aneuploidy that arises owing to cohesion loss during dictyate arrest in females.
  09/05/2018 Nature - Health and Science
Population dynamics of normal human blood inferred from somatic mutations
- Harnessing naturally occurring mutations to report the clonal architecture of an organ enables the high-resolution reconstruction of somatic cell dynamics in humans.
  09/05/2018 Nature - Health and Science
Coupling of bone resorption and formation by RANKL reverse signalling
- RANKL reverse signalling is therefore a potential pharmacological target for avoiding the reduced bone formation associated with inhibition of osteoclastogenesis.
  09/05/2018 Nature - Health and Science
A homing system targets therapeutic T cells to brain cancer
- New development of a molecule that targets the delivery of T cells to brain cancer

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