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  01/17/2005 AMNews (AMA), Jan. 24 vol. 48 no. 3 - Government
Medicare drug choices called too restrictive - Final Medicare drug plan recommendations remain largely unchanged from an earlier draft.
  01/17/2005 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - Health and Science
Colorectal Cancer Screening among Adults Aged 50 or Older: Implementation of Fecal Occult Blood Testing in Clinical Practice
  01/17/2005 AMNews (AMA), Jan. 24 vol. 48 no. 3 - Health and Science
Health news briefs: Urinary infections tied to contaminated food, Suicide hotline launched, Younger women more successful with ART, Most older patients with colon cancer have not been screened
  01/17/2005 American Heart Association - Health and Science
Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association: animal study on vascular effects of Cox-2 inhibition
  01/17/2005, Nature Publishing Group (NPG) - Health and Science
Gene control hits new level - Tiny RNA molecules prove more influential than imagined.
  01/17/2005 Gynecologic Oncology, EurekaAlert!-AAAS - Clinical
Mayo Clinic recommends broadening treatment to battle recurrence of endometrial cancer - Mayo Clinic researchers studying endometrial cancer have found that patients at risk for relapse based on identified risk factors had a 46 percent probability of experiencing recurrence within five years despite treatment with state-of-the-art therapy.
  01/17/2005 American Journal of Nursing, EurekaAlert!-AAAS - Health and Science
Grapefruit juice and medication can be a deadly mix - Grapefruit juice can be deadly for people on certain medications, nurse researchers remind everyone who takes medicine and enjoys grapefruit juice. The research is especially important for 'snowbirds' who head south each winter, as well as people going on diets built around drinking lots of the juice.
  01/17/2005 American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, EurekaAlert!-AAAS - Clinical
American Thoracic Society Journal, Jan 2005 (Second Issue) - total maternal vitamin C intake during pregnancy was associated with wheeze during the infant's second year; in a study of 2,760 asthma patients, inhaled corticosteroid combined with a long-acting beta2-agonist reduced exacerbation rates by 45 percent, improved symptom control, and resulted in better lung function; and U.S.-born Mexican Americans have a higher prevalence of asthma than do Mexican Americans born in Mexico.
  01/17/2005 AMNews (AMA), Jan. 24 vol. 48 no. 3 - Government
Government news briefs: Massive TennCare cuts ahead, Medicare delays defibrillator coverage expansion for coronary patients, Governors write Congress about Medicaid finance - reforms, Drug importer faces federal lawsuit
  01/17/2005 AMNews (AMA), Jan. 24 vol. 48 no. 3 - Government
Bush stumping for liability reform in [judicial hellhole] - The president stresses the need for a $250,000 cap on noneconomic damages.

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