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  02/10/2005 Journal of Clinical Investigation, EurekaAlert!-AAAS - Health and Science
Joslin scientists show knocking out two key signals will cause diabetes
- Using a revolutionary technique to turn off chemical signals inside the cell, scientists at Joslin Diabetes Center have discovered that the different metabolic abnormalities present in type 2 diabetes can be caused by knocking out two key signals in liver cells. Their findings in mice may someday lead to strategies in humans to boost these two different signals,...
  02/10/2005 Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience, EurekaAlert!-AAAS - Health and Science
UCF stem cell research may hold promise for treating Alzheimer's disease
- University of Central Florida professor Kiminobu Sugaya and his colleagues found that bromodeoxyuridine made adult human stem cells more likely to develop as brain cells after they were implanted in adult rat brains. The researchers hope to eventually show that stem cells transplanted from a patient's blood or bone marrow will be an effective treatment for Alzheimer's and other neurological diseases ...
  02/10/2005 National Institutes of Health (NIH) - Health and Science
The Shapes of Life: NIGMS Project Yields More Than 1,000 Protein Structures
  02/10/2005 American Journal of Managed Care, EurekaAlert!-AAAS - Professional Issues
Electronic medical records reduce hours, cut cost
- A new clinical study published today in this month's American Journal of Managed Care demonstrated that a technology-driven clinical decision support system applying evidence-based clinical guidelines to patient's electronic medical data helps flag potentially serious clinical errors or deviations from accepted best practices, while making a significant improvement on the cost and quality of medical care.
  02/10/2005 British Medical Journal, EurekaAlert!-AAAS - Health and Science
HIV infection still on the rise
- Preventive measures are failing to stem the rising rate of HIV infection, warn two senior doctors in an editorial in this week's BMJ.
  02/10/2005 British Medical Journal, EurekaAlert!-AAAS - Clinical
Simple treatment could prevent many child malaria deaths
- A simple drug, given to children with severe malaria before they reach hospital, has the potential to save many lives, say researchers in this week's BMJ.
  02/09/2005 U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) - Health and Science
HHS Announces Simplified System for Research Protection Assurances
  02/09/2005, Nature Publishing Group (NPG) - Clinical
A broken heart harms your health
- Emotional stress causes an unusual type of heart disease.
  02/09/2005, Nature Publishing Group (NPG) - Health and Science
'Heart-renewing' cells discovered
- Regenerating cell type promises much for heart-attack survivors.
  02/09/2005 University of South Florida Health Sciences Center, EurekaAlert!-AAAS - Health and Science
Leukemia drug breakthrough study in New England Journal of Medicine

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