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  07/26/2019 WHO - Public Health
WHO launches new report on the global tobacco epidemic
- Progress being made in fight against tobacco, but increased action needed to help people quit deadly products
  07/26/2019 WHO - Public Health
WHO urges countries to invest in eliminating hepatitis
  07/24/2019 MERCK - Business
Merck Announces Presentation of Phase 2b Results for Investigational HIV-1 Therapy Islatravir (MK-8591) at IAS 2019
- New Findings from Study Evaluating Islatravir in Combination with Doravirine versus DELSTRIGO™ (doravirine 100 mg/3TC 300 mg/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate 300 mg) / Company Plans to Initiate Phase 3 Trials
  07/23/2019 American Cancer Society - Health and Science
Study: Lack of Education About Melanoma May Contribute to Black-White Survival Disparities
- It’s true that people with darker skin have a lower risk of melanoma. But as a recent study of non-Hispanic black Americans showed, it’s also true that they’re more likely to have lower survival rates when they are diagnosed. That’s partly because compared with non-Hispanic whites, people with darker skin are more often diagnosed with later-stage melanoma (after it’s spread). It’s also because the most common type of melanoma for them?called acral lentiginous melanoma (ALM)?has a lower survival rate.
  07/23/2019 MERCK - Business
Merck Presents Early Evidence on Extended Delivery of Investigational Anti-HIV-1 Agent Islatravir (MK-8591) via Subdermal Implant
- Phase 1 Data Presented Today at IAS 2019
  07/22/2019 WHO - Public Health
WHO recommends dolutegravir as preferred HIV treatment option in all populations
  07/22/2019 Medtronic - Business
Medtronic Partners with to Accelerate Adoption of New Artificial Intelligence Software in U.S. Stroke Centers
- Technology Has the Potential to Save Crucial Time and Increase Access to Lifesaving Stroke Treatments
  07/17/2019 WHO - Local
Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern
  07/17/2019 MERCK - Business
FDA Approves Merck’s RECARBRIO™ (imipenem, cilastatin, and relebactam) For the Treatment of Adults with Complicated Urinary Tract and Complicated Intra-Abdominal Bacterial Infections Where Limited or No Alternative Treatment Options Are Available
  07/15/2019 Abbott - Business
Abbott Receives U.S. Approval of Next-Generation MitraClip™, Bringing New Enhancements to Abbott''s Leading MitraClip Platform
- U.S. approval for MitraClip G4 offers a next-generation approach to mitral valve repair / G4 includes new clip sizes and an enhanced leaflet grasping feature

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