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  08/18/2019 WHO
WHO Director-General underscores commitment to strengthening health in Pacific Islands
  07/17/2019 WHO
Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern
  07/03/2019 WHO
More than a million people to be vaccinated in phase 2 of a huge cholera vaccination campaign in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  04/03/2019 WHO
Cholera vaccination campaign begins in Mozambique
- Following Cyclone Idai devastation, nearly 900 000 people will receive the vaccine from the Gavi-funded stockpile.
  01/11/2019 Abbott
Abbott and Malaria No More Work Together to End Malaria in Odisha, India
- Abbott to supply rapid diagnostic tests critical for malaria detection and surveillance, technical expertise and funding support / Initiative focuses on Odisha, the state with the highest burden of malaria in India
  10/17/2018 N Engl J Med 2018;
Lassa Fever in Nigeria in 2018
- During 2018, an unusual increase in Lassa fever cases occurred in Nigeria, raising concern among national and international public health agencies. We analyzed 220 Lassa virus genomes from infected patients, including 129 from the 2017?018 transmission season, to understand the viral populations underpinning the increase.
  10/17/2018 World Health Organization (WHO)
United Nations agencies call for ban on virginity testing
  10/17/2018 Nature News by Amy Maxmen
Nigeria''s largest Lassa fever outbreak sparked by rats
- Analysis calms fears that the virus had mutated into a super - bug that could move more easily from person to person.
  10/11/2018 Nature: News & Comments by Michele Catanzaro
Argentina''s scientists struggle amid slipping peso and rising inflation
- Researchers warn that the country뭩 science infrastructure is at risk of collapse if austerity measures continue.
  10/10/2018 Science: Biology, Health, People & Events News By Hannah Furfaro, Spectrum
Why is a remote Colombian town a hot spot of an inherited intellectual disability?

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