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1. More Colorectal Cancer Diagnoses in People Under 55 Arent Only Because of More Colonoscopies - 07/12/2019
 American Cancer Society
  Colorectal cancer (CRC) is being diagnosed more often in the United States among adults younger than age 55. Does this mean more of them are getting colorectal cancer? Or are doctors finding it more often because more younger adults are having colonoscopies? In a study published in the Journal of Medical Screening, researchers at the American Cancer Society (ACS) ...
2. Abbott Announces FDA Approval of the Alinity s System, the Latest Technology for Screening and Protecting the U.S. Blood and Plasma Supply - 07/11/2019
  Alinity s System will screen the U.S. blood and plasma supply faster and more efficiently while maintaining highest levels of accuracy
 American Society of Nephrology (ASN)
  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, American Society of Nephrology, and the National Kidney Foundation announce new Patient Innovator Challenge
4. Merck Highlights Commitment to HIV Research with Presentations for Investigational Anti-HIV Agent MK-8591 at IAS 2019 - 07/10/2019
  Data Include Week 48 Results from Phase 2B Study Evaluating MK-8591 in Combination with Doravirine
5. AAOS Urges Against Benchmarks, in Support of Arbitration to Resolve Surprise Medical Bills - 07/10/2019
 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
6. WHO updates global guidance on medicines and diagnostic tests to address health challenges, prioritize highly effective therapeutics, and improve affordable access - 07/09/2019
  New essential medicines and diagnostics lists published today
7. FDA Accepts Mercks Supplemental Biologics License Applications for KEYTRUDA (pembrolizumab) Six-Week Dosing Schedule for Melanoma and Multiple Other Indications - 07/09/2019
8. RSNA R&E Foundation Approves Over $5 Million in Grant Funding - 07/09/2019
 Radiological Society of North America
  OAK BROOK, Ill. (July 9, 2019) ? The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Research and Education (R&E) Foundation Board of Trustees approved over $5 million in radiology research and education grants this year, achieving a funding rate of 30 percent of grant applications. In 2019 the Foundation will support over 100 recipients from 48 different institutions.
9. Medtronic HeartWare(TM) HVAD(TM) Implanted via Less Invasive Thoracotomy Shows 95 Percent Freedom from Disabling Stroke at Two Years - 07/08/2019
  Company Plans Global Registry of HVAD Thoracotomy Implants to Advance Therapy Knowledge
10. RSNA in Brief?Q2 2019 - 07/08/2019
 Radiological Society of North America
  RSNA 2019 Registration and Program Open July 24Join us for our 105th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, December 1?6, 2019, at McCormick Place in Chicago. Registration for RSNA 2019 will open on July 24 for all members and non-members, including media. To book a hotel room, visit The preliminary RSNA 2019 program will also be available on July 24.
11. How to Pick the Best Sunglasses to Protect Your Eyes - 07/08/2019
 American Academy of Ophthalmology
  The American Academy of Ophthalmology offers seven tips for choosing sunglasses that protect against the sun's damaging UV rays
12. Study: Premature Deaths from Cancer in One Year Led to Loss of 8.7 Million Years of Life and $94 Billion of Future Earnings - 07/03/2019
 American Cancer Society
  Cancer kills many people before their time, costing more than 8.7 million years of life among people aged 16 to 84 in the United States in 2015. Researchers estimate cancer also leads to $94 billion in future lost earnings, not just in 2015. These numbers come from a new report by American Cancer Society (ACS) researchers in JAMA Oncology.
13. More than a million people to be vaccinated in phase 2 of a huge cholera vaccination campaign in the Democratic Republic of the Congo - 07/03/2019
14. 8 Food Safety Tips for BBQs and Picnics - 07/02/2019
 American Cancer Society
  Keep your food from spoiling in the warm weather with these easy-to?follow safety tips.
15. Get a Healthy Back-to-school Start - 07/01/2019
 American Cancer Society
  Vaccinations prevent diseases
16. Merck to Hold Second-Quarter 2019 Sales and Earnings Conference Call on July 30 - 07/01/2019
17. One in 3 Cancer Survivors Has Chronic Pain - 06/28/2019
 American Cancer Society
  Many survivors dont get help for side effects
18. CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) Unanimously Votes to Provisionally Update Recommendations for Hepatitis A Vaccination - 06/27/2019
19. Eliminating trachoma: WHO announces sustained progress with hundreds of millions of people no longer at risk of infection - 06/27/2019
  The number of people at risk of trachoma ?the worlds leading infectious cause of blindness ?has fallen from 1.5 billion in 2002 to just over 142 million in 2019, a reduction of 91%, WHO has reported.
20. Nuclear Stress Test Helps Identify Heart Attack Risk in People with Diabetes - 06/27/2019
 Radiological Society of North America
  A nuclear stress test called PET MPI can help identify diabetic patients who are at greater risk for coronary artery disease and heart attack. / PET MPI uses radioisotopes and a special camera to show how well blood is flowing in the heart when it is under stress. / The results showed that an abnormal PET MPI was associated with increased risk of cardiac death in all important clinical subgroups of diabetic patients.
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