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Online Information 2002 attracts exhibitors from Asia - Access
[Kluwer Online] Newsletter Volume 4: Issue 1 October 2002 - Kluwer

Online Information 2002 attracts exhibitors from Asia
- Access (December 2002 No.43) [ٷΰ]
Online Information 2002, the library and information showcase which recently concluded at Londons Olympia, proved that bigger isnt always better. Information industry professionals from over 45 countries gathered at the 26th exhibition and conference. 11,091 attendees passed through the doors of the Olympia Grand Hall to see the new information products and services on offer from 240 exhibitors, attend the conference, and take advantage of 80 free educational seminars on the exhibition floor.

From South Korea, MediSurf will be selling medical information in English to individual practitioners. From its homepage, subscribers will have access to databases, news services such as Reuters Health Information, full text delivery and lots of links to free medical websites. Albert Sang-Wook Han, CEO of MediSurf told ACCESS that the paid services would be open for subscribers in the coming weeks. He was at Online Information testing the reaction to his service since he believes that the most promising markets are Europe and North America where physicians are accustomed to paying for medical information services.

[Kluwer Online] Newsletter Volume 4: Issue 1 October 2002 and Kluwer Online have partnered to provide medically oriented journal content to Medisurf end-users. Medisurf provides a platform with different services A robust package of usage statistics is now accessible to Kluwer Online subscribers via a web interface. Developed with ICOLCs guidelines in mind, the suite of measuring tools allows subscribers to review usage of journals at their institutions. Some of the data measured includes entry resources (the first page on Kluwers site viewed by the user), journal use per site, referrals (whether from external sources such as search engines or databases, or internal sources such as other Kluwer pages), successful and unsuccessful searches, and top articles downloaded. The time spent on each page is also recorded. Access is restricted by passwords which are changed each month. The receipt of a password indicates to users that new statistics are available for downloading. Kluwer will participate in, and contribute to, standards-setting discussions (such as COUNTER) and work with the library community and other stakeholders to ensure that the Kluwer Online usage statistics package stays current, flexible and accessible and meets the changing requirements of subscribing customers.

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