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Our Web directory is an ongoing project (4 years now) managed by over 50 physicians,
begun as a solution to a practical need shared by medical professionals across the world. More than 70,000 medical sites are currently registered and graded for content and convenience (Each registered site is the result of 1-2 hours of labor).
Nowhere else will you find a medical Web directory of this scope and practicality.

  Systematic Categorization

Practicing MD's devised the following seven categories, organizing the information most needed by the medical community in a practical, systematic manner.

This category includes medical associations, organizations, and institutes from across the world, and is divided into the following subcategories- Associations, Foundations, Government & Public Organizations, Institutes & Laboratories, and Societies.

Reviews of taget sites include - Name & Abbreviations, Location: Address and Telephone Number, Meeting Schedule, Information about its Online Journal, Educational Materials, Programs for Employment Opportunity, Information of Concerning Doctors, Information for Patients or Caregivers.


This category contains information on major companies in the bio & medical fields in the world. Companies registered to the NYSE and NASDAQ were included first, and many other major companies are continuously added to the database.

The subcategories are Consulting Services, Employment, Equipment & Supplies, E-trading Sites, Healthcare Laws, Insurance & Finance, IT of Medicine, Medical Publishers, Medical Services & Homecare : Listed Companies, and Pharmaceuticals.

Reviews of taget sites include 1. Name and Abbreviation 2. FoundationYear 3. Parent Company / Daughter Firm 4. Listed Company: NYSE, NASAQ... 5. Ranking Company 6. Products and Related Departments: given two products and ... 7. On-line Trading 8. Job opportunity: Careers 9. Products Information and Services 10. Research 11. Address


This category offers information for dentists. It consists of seven subcategories: associations & organizations, companies, departments, dental diseases, schools & hospitals, informational resources, and journals & e-publications. While the basic structure follows that of the medical categories, certain modifications specific to the field of dental science were applied.


The disease category is divided into subcategories, based first on a systematic classification, and then by functional classification as needed. Each sub-subcategory contains general diseases; diseases are further broken down in sub-sub-subcategories (third level subcategories). i.e., subcatergory= cardiovascular system; second level subcategory= cardiac arrhythmia; third level subcategory= bradyarrhythmias. This method reflects both clinical importance and a textbook approach. A web name for each entry is given based on the disease name and information source, and brief comments regarding the information contained appear along with the title. i.e., Definition, Causes, Incidence and Risk Factors.


This category contains a variety of web-based medical information including online databases, evidence-based medicine and clinical information, medical links, health sites, news, and mailing lists.

Reviews of target sites of each subcategory include basic information about the website, major contents or associated departments, menus for professionals, physicians, or patients, available languages, and other useful information for users. Keyword searches for each site are enabled.


This category contains general information on medical journals online (including their levels of accessibility) and links to the homepages of both journals which are registered in Medline of NML and of those that are not. This category also contains the following well-arranged subcategories - Alphabetical Index, Department Category, Internet Journals, Internet Magazines, Journal Lists by Publisher, Medical Publishers, Medline, Online Medical Library, Online Publishers, Web Databases, and Web Directories

As the publishers are continuously updating their journal sites, MediSurf''s journal team has continuously monitored the data in this category to keep them current.

Reviews of the target sites include the abbreviations of Index Medicus, Related Official Associations or Centers, the Starting Year of Publishing (Offline & Online), Publication, Accessibility of the Contents (Table of Contents, Abstract, Full-text, References), Citation (Medline, ISI Current Contents, SCI), and Previous Names of the Journals (in case of change).

You can also get to the homepages of journals through MediSurf?s own search engine by writing the first letters of the journal titles. MediSurf has made this system possible by the hidden keywords containing the abbreviation.


This Category is designed as a database of medical centers, medical schools, dental schools, nursing schools, graduate schools, health schools, and major hospitals in the world. This category has several subcategories - Associations, Benchmarking Sites, Centers & Institutes, Departments, Hospitals, Informational Resources, Libraries, Medical Schools. Some of the subcategories are further divided into regional or departmental sub- subcategories.

The reviews of the target sites include- Brief Information of the Hospital or School, Address and Phone Number, Contents of This Homepage: Educational Materials for Students and/or Physicians including Study - Programs and Continuous Medical Education, Research Information and/or Research Contents, Menu or Curriculum for Students, Menu for Patients including Information about Health & Disease, and Q&A, Departments, Linked Resources, The Name of Affiliated Hospitals, Centers, Institutes, and Online Library, News and/or Topics, Employment Opportunities, Alumni and other Useful Information for Users

The hidden keywords of the each datum include abbreviation of the targeting hospital or school for the searching tool.


  Synopsis & Grading

Each site is briefly summarized and objectively graded in two areas.

i. Content - a grade of 1-5 surfboards is determined based on the following 10 factors.

Positive Lists Negative Lists

    Update Cycle
    Volume of Contents
    Easy Accessibility
    Category Specific
    Bonus score (Subjective)


ii. Credibility - a benchmarked grade of sunny, cloudy, or rainy is also indicated.

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