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  Nature Clinical Practice

ó ǻ翡 ӻ ǻ 'Nature Clinical Practice' 2004 11 η Ⱓϰ Ǿ ǸŸ Medisurf å Ǿϴ.
ֱ ̿ ٻ ῡ ѱ ӻ ǻ鿡 Ӿ ǥǰ ο ϰ ü ϴ ߾а ġ ְ ִ.
̿ 'Nature Clinical Practice series' ӻ ǻ鿡, ش о ڵ ֽ ǹ̸ ϰ, ӻ󿡼 ̷ ߰ ϵ ϰ ȴ.
ſ Ʈ ¶ 12ȸ ߰ ȴ. ֽ ̶Ʈ, ֽ ӻ ῡ Կ ڸƮ, ȴ.
4 ǵǰ ִ Դϴ.



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