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 Category Matches
Arm sling. Cane, crutch, and walker tips and pads.
Cane. Congenital hip dislocation abduction splint.
Crutch. Denis Brown splint.
Electric positioning chair. External assembled lower limb prosthesis.
External limb orthotic component. External limb prosthetic component.
Flotation cushion. Limb orthosis.
Mechanical chair. Mechanical table.
Mechanical walker. Mechanical wheelchair.
Motorized three-wheeled vehicle. Nonpowered communication system.
Plinth. Powered communication system.
Powered environmental control system. Powered lower extremity exoskeleton.
Powered table. Powered wheelchair.
Powered wheeled stretcher. Prosthetic and orthotic accessory.
Rigid pneumatic structure orthosis. Special grade wheelchair.
Stair-climbing wheelchair. Standup wheelchair.
Truncal orthosis. Wheelchair accessory.
Wheelchair component. Wheelchair elevator.
Wheelchair platform scale.  
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