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Ankle joint metal/composite semi-constrained cemen Ankle joint metal/polymer non-constrained cemented
Ankle joint metal/polymer semi-constrained cemente Bone cap.
Bone fixation cerclage. Bone heterograft.
Elbow joint humeral (hemi-elbow) metallic uncement Elbow joint metal/polymer constrained cemented pro
Elbow joint metal/polymer semi-constrained cemente Elbow joint radial (hemi-elbow) polymer prosthesis
Finger joint metal/metal constrained cemented pros Finger joint metal/metal constrained uncemented pr
Finger joint metal/polymer constrained cemented pr Finger joint polymer constrained prosthesis.
Hip joint (hemi-hip) acetabular metal cemented pro Hip joint femoral (hemi-hip) metal/polymer cemente
Hip joint femoral (hemi-hip) metallic cemented or Hip joint femoral (hemi-hip) metallic resurfacing
Hip joint metal constrained cemented or uncemented Hip joint metal/ceramic/polymer semi-constrained c
Hip joint metal/composite semi-constrained cemente Hip joint metal/metal semi-constrained, with a cem
Hip joint metal/metal semi-constrained, with an un Hip joint metal/polymer constrained cemented or un
Hip joint metal/polymer or ceramic/polymer semicon Hip joint metal/polymer semi-constrained cemented
Hip joint metal/polymer/metal semi-constrained por Intervertebral body fusion device.
Intramedullary fixation rod. Knee joint femoral (hemi-knee) metallic uncemented
Knee joint femorotibial (uni-compartmental) metal/ Knee joint femorotibial metal/composite non-constr
Knee joint femorotibial metal/composite semi-const Knee joint femorotibial metal/polymer constrained
Knee joint femorotibial metal/polymer non-constrai Knee joint femorotibial metal/polymer semi-constra
Knee joint femorotibial metallic constrained cemen Knee joint patellar (hemi-knee) metallic resurfaci
Knee joint patellofemoral polymer/metal semi-const Knee joint patellofemorotibial metal/polymer porou
Knee joint patellofemorotibial polymer/metal/metal Knee joint patellofemorotibial polymer/metal/polym
Knee joint tibial (hemi-knee) metallic resurfacing Passive tendon prosthesis.
Pedicle screw spinal system. Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) bone cement.
Resorbable calcium salt bone void filler device. Shoulder joint glenoid (hemi-shoulder) metallic ce
Shoulder joint humeral (hemi-shoulder) metallic un Shoulder joint metal/metal or metal/polymer constr
Shoulder joint metal/polymer non-constrained cemen Shoulder joint metal/polymer semi-constrained ceme
Shoulder joint metal/polymer/metal nonconstrained Single/multiple component metallic bone fixation a
Smooth or threaded metallic bone fixation fastener Spinal interlaminal fixation orthosis.
Spinal intervertebral body fixation orthosis. Toe joint phalangeal (hemi-toe) polymer prosthesis
Toe joint polymer constrained prosthesis. Wrist joint carpal lunate polymer prosthesis.
Wrist joint carpal scaphoid polymer prosthesis. Wrist joint carpal trapezium polymer prosthesis.
Wrist joint metal constrained cemented prosthesis. Wrist joint metal/polymer semi-constrained cemente
Wrist joint polymer constrained prosthesis. Wrist joint ulnar (hemi-wrist) polymer prosthesis.
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