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AC-powered slitlamp biomicroscope. Adaptometer (biophotometer).
Afterimage flasher. Amsler grid.
Anomaloscope. Bagolini lens.
Color vision plate illuminator. Color vision tester.
Corneal electrode. Corneal radius measuring device.
Diagnostic condensing lens. Diagnostic Devices
Diagnostic Hruby fundus lens. Distometer.
Euthyscope. Exophthalmometer.
Eye movement monitor. Fixation device.
Flexible diagnostic Fresnel lens. Fornixscope.
Fusion and stereoscopic target. Gonioscopic prism.
Haidinger brush. Haploscope.
Headband mirror. Keratoscope.
Lens measuring instrument. Maddox lens.
Manual refractor. Maxwell spot.
Nearpoint ruler. Nystagmus tape.
Ocular esthesiometer. Ophthalmic bar prism.
Ophthalmic camera. Ophthalmic chair.
Ophthalmic contact lens radius measuring device. Ophthalmic Fresnel prism.
Ophthalmic instrument stand. Ophthalmic isotope uptake probe.
Ophthalmic lens gauge. Ophthalmic preamplifier.
Ophthalmic projector. Ophthalmic refractometer.
Ophthalmic rotary prism. Ophthalmic trial lens clip.
Ophthalmic trial lens frame. Ophthalmic trial lens set.
Ophthalmoscope. Optokinetic drum.
Perimeter. Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) diagnostic contact l
Pupillograph. Pupillometer.
Retinoscope. Schirmer strip.
Simulatan (including crossed cylinder). Skiascopic rack.
Spectacle dissociation test system. Stereopsis measuring instrument.
Stereoscope. Tangent screen (campimeter).
Tonometer and accessories. Tonometer sterilizer.
Transilluminator. Visual acuity chart.
Visual field laser instrument.  
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