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Aneurysm clip. Aversive conditioning device.
Biofeedback device. Bite block.
Burr hole cover. Carotid artery clamp.
Central nervous system fluid shunt and components. Cranial electrotherapy stimulator.
Cranial orthosis. Cranioplasty plate fastener.
Dura substitute. Electroconvulsive therapy device.
External functional neuromuscular stimulator. Human dura mater.
Implanted cerebellar stimulator. Implanted diaphragmatic/phrenic nerve stimulator.
Implanted intracerebral/subcortical stimulator for Implanted malleable clip.
Implanted neuromuscular stimulator. Implanted peripheral nerve stimulator for pain rel
Implanted spinal cord stimulator for bladder evacu Implanted spinal cord stimulator for pain relief.
Intravascular occluding catheter. Lesion temperature monitor.
Limited output transcutaneous piezoelectric stimul Methyl methacrylate for aneurysmorrhaphy.
Methyl methacrylate for cranioplasty. Nerve cuff.
Neurovascular embolization device. Preformed alterable cranioplasty plate.
Preformed craniosynostosis strip. Preformed nonalterable cranioplasty plate.
Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation syste Skull tongs for traction.
Transcranial magnetic stimulator for headache. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator for pai
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator to trea  
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