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Annuloplasty ring. Cardiovascular intravascular filter.
Cardiovascular permanent or temporary pacemaker el Carotid sinus nerve stimulator.
Endovascular Suturing System. External pacemaker pulse generator.
Implantable pacemaker pulse generator. Indirect pacemaker generator function analyzer.
Intra-aortic balloon and control system. Intracardiac patch or pledget made of polypropylen
Pacemaker charger. Pacemaker electrode function tester.
Pacemaker generator function analyzer. Pacemaker lead adaptor.
Pacemaker polymeric mesh bag. Pacemaker programmers.
Pacemaker repair or replacement material. Pacemaker service tools.
Pacemaker test magnet. Prosthetic heart valve holder.
Prosthetic heart valve sizer. Replacement heart valve.
Vascular clip. Vascular embolization device.
Vascular graft prosthesis. Vena cava clip.
Ventricular bypass (assist) device.  
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