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Apex cardiograph (vibrocardiograph). Apex cardiographic transducer.
Ballistocardiograph. Biopotential amplifier and signal conditioner.
Cardiac monitor (including ST-segment measurement Cardiovascular blood flowmeter.
Catheter tip pressure transducer. Ear oximeter.
Echocardiograph. Electrocardiograph electrode.
Electrocardiograph lead switching adaptor. Electrocardiograph surface electrode tester.
Electrocardiograph. Extravascular blood flow probe.
Extravascular blood pressure transducer. Heart sound transducer.
Hydraulic, pneumatic, or photoelectric plethysmogr Impedance phlebograph.
Impedance plethysmograph. Implantable Intra-aneurysm Pressure Measurement Sy
Line isolation monitor. Medical cathode-ray tube display.
Medical magnetic tape recorder. Oscillometer.
Oximeter. Paper chart recorder.
Patient transducer and electrode cable (including Phonocardiograph.
Portable leakage current alarm. Radiofrequency physiological signal transmitter an
Signal isolation system. Telephone electrocardiograph transmitter and recei
Transducer signal amplifier and conditioner. Ultrasonic transducer.
Vectorcardiograph. Vessel occlusion transducer.
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