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Blood pressure alarm. Blood pressure computer.
Blood pressure cuff. Catheter balloon repair kit.
Catheter cannula. Catheter guide wire.
Catheter introducer. Catheter stylet.
Catheter tip occluder. Continuous flush catheter.
Densitometer. Diagnostic Devices
Diagnostic intravascular catheter. Electrode recording catheter or electrode recordin
External programmable pacemaker pulse generator. Fiberoptic oximeter catheter.
Flow-directed catheter. Indicator injector.
Intracavitary phonocatheter system. Noninvasive blood pressure measurement system.
Percutaneous catheter. Programmable diagnostic computer.
Single-function, preprogrammed diagnostic computer Steerable catheter control system.
Steerable catheter. Stethoscope.
Syringe actuator for an injector. Thermodilution probe.
Trace microsphere. Trocar.
Venous blood pressure manometer. Vessel dilator for percutaneous catheterization.
Withdrawal-infusion pump.  
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