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Absorbent tipped applicator. AC-powered adjustable hospital bed.
AC-powered patient lift. Acupuncture needle.
Airway connector. Alternating pressure air flotation mattress.
Anesthesia breathing circuit. Anesthesia conduction catheter.
Anesthesia conduction filter. Anesthesia conduction kit.
Anesthesia conduction needle. Anesthetic cabinet, table, or tray.
Anesthetic gas mask. Anesthetic vaporizer.
Autotransfusion apparatus. Blow bottle.
Breathing circuit bacterial filter. Breathing circuit circulator.
Breathing gas mixer. Breathing mouthpiece.
Breathing system heater. Breathing tube support.
Bronchial tube. Burn sheet.
Carbon dioxide absorbent. Carbon dioxide absorber.
Chemical cold pack snakebite kit. Continuous ventilator.
Cuff spreader. Dental protector.
Device to relieve acute upper airway obstruction. Elastic bandage.
Electrically powered oxygen tent. Electroanesthesia apparatus.
Emergency airway needle. Esophageal obturator.
Ether hook. External negative pressure ventilator.
Flexible laryngoscope. Gas machine for anesthesia or analgesia.
Gas mask head strap. Gas-scavenging apparatus.
Heat and moisture condenser (artificial nose). Hydraulic adjustable hospital bed.
Hyperbaric chamber. Hypodermic single lumen needle.
I.V. container. Incentive spirometer.
Infant radiant warmer. Inflatable tracheal tube cuff.
Infusion pump. Intermittent mandatory ventilation attachment.
Intravascular Administration Set, Automated Air Re Intravascular administration set.
Intravascular catheter securement device. Intravascular catheter.
Jet lavage. Lamb feeding nipple.
Laryngotracheal topical anesthesia applicator. Lice removal kit.
Liquid bandage. Manual adjustable hospital bed.
Manual emergency ventilator. Medical absorbent fiber.
Medical adhesive tape and adhesive bandage. Medical recirculating air cleaner.
Medical support stocking. Medicinal nonventilatory nebulizer (atomizer).
Nasal oxygen cannula. Nasal oxygen catheter.
Nasopharyngeal airway. Nebulizer.
Neonatal eye pad. Neonatal incubator.
Neonatal phototherapy unit. Neonatal transport incubator.
Nipple shield. Nitric oxide administration apparatus.
Non-AC-powered patient lift. Noncontinuous ventilator (IPPB).
Nonelectrically powered fluid injector. Nonpowered flotation therapy mattress.
Nonpowered oxygen tent. Nonrebreathing mask.
Nonrebreathing valve. Oropharyngeal airway.
Oxygen mask. Patient care reverse isolation chamber.
Pediatric hospital bed. Pediatric position holder.
Percutaneous, implanted, long-term intravascular c Piston syringe.
Portable liquid oxygen unit. Portable oxygen generator.
Positive end expiratory pressure breathing attachm Posture chair for cardiac or pulmonary treatment.
Powered emergency ventilator. Powered percussor.
Pressure infusor for an I.V. bag. Pressure tubing and accessories.
Rebreathing device. Reservoir bag.
Respiratory gas humidifier. Rigid laryngoscope.
Rocking bed. Scavenging mask.
Subcutaneous, implanted, intravascular infusion po Suction snakebite kit.
Tee drain (water trap). Temperature regulated water mattress.
Therapeutic humidifier for home use. Therapeutic medical binder.
Therapeutic scrotal support. Tracheal tube cleaning brush.
Tracheal tube fixation device. Tracheal tube stylet.
Tracheal tube. Tracheal/bronchial differential ventilation tube.
Tracheostomy tube and tube cuff. Tube introduction forceps.
Umbilical occlusion device. Ventilator tubing.
Venturi mask.  
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