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AC-powered medical examination light. Anesthesia stool.
Battery-powered medical examination light. Bed board.
Body waste receptacle. Calibration gas.
Cardiopulmonary emergency cart. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation board.
Cast cover. Dry-heat sterilizer.
Ethylene oxide gas aerator cabinet. Ethylene oxide gas sterilizer.
Examination gown. Filtering facepiece respirator for use by the gene
General purpose disinfectants. Hand-carried stretcher.
Hot/cold water bottle. Ice bag.
Implantable radiofrequency transponder system for Infusion stand.
Ingestible event marker. Irrigating syringe.
Liquid chemical sterilants/high level disinfectant Liquid crystal vein locator.
Liquid medication dispenser. Manual patient transfer device.
Mattress cover for medical purposes. Medical chair and table.
Medical device data system. Medical disposable bedding.
Medical disposable scissors. Medical gas yoke assembly.
Medical insole. Medical ultraviolet air purifier.
Medical ultraviolet water purifier. Medical washer.
Medical washer-disinfector. Nose clip.
Patient examination glove. Patient lubricant.
Patient position support. Portable air compressor.
Powered patient transfer device. Protective restraint.
Remote Medication Management System. Ring cutter.
Skin pressure protectors. Steam sterilizer.
Sterilization wrap. Syringe needle introducer.
Tongue depressor. Tracheobronchial suction catheter.
Ultrasonic cleaner for medical instruments. Vacuum-powered body fluid suction apparatus.
Vein stabilizer. Washers for body waste receptacles.
Wheeled stretcher.  
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