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Antimicrobial susceptibility test disc. Atomic absorption spectrophotometer for clinical u
Automated urinalysis system. Beta or gamma counter for clinical use.
Calculator/data processing module for clinical use Centrifugal chemistry analyzer for clinical use.
Chromatographic separation material for clinical u Clinical sample concentrator.
Colorimeter, photometer, or spectrophotometer for Continuous flow sequential multiple chemistry anal
Densitometer/scanner (integrating, reflectance, TL Discrete photometric chemistry analyzer for clinic
Electrophoresis apparatus for clinical use. Enzyme analyzer for clinical use.
Flame emission photometer for clinical use. Fluorometer for clinical use.
Gas liquid chromatography system for clinical use. General purpose laboratory equipment labeled or pr
High pressure liquid chromatography system for cli Instrumentation for clinical multiplex test system
Mass spectrometer for clinical use. Micro chemistry analyzer for clinical use.
Microtitrator for clinical use. Nephelometer for clinical use.
Osmometer for clinical use. Pipetting and diluting system for clinical use.
Plasma oncometer for clinical use. Plasma viscometer for clinical use.
Refractometer for clinical use. Thin-layer chromatography system for clinical use.
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