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Foot and Ankle Disorders,
Lyrical/Teaching / About lyrical/teaching shoes. Ghillie, Grecian Sandal, Hermes, Pedini, Sandalsole
Foot and Ankle Disorders,
Pointe Shoe Styles / About pointe shoe styles
Foot and Ankle Disorders, Dr. Foot
Foot Anatomy / Anatomy about foot
Foot and Ankle Disorders, Foot and Ankle Institute of Utah
Medicare Coverage for Therapeutic Shoes for People with Diabetes / About medicare coverage for therapeutic shoes for people with diabetes. How Do Individuals Qualify?, What Type Of Shoes Are Covered?, What Must The Physician Do For Individuals To Receive This Benefit?, How Does The Individual Pay For This Service?
Foot and Ankle Disorders, Foot Talk
Frequently Asked Questions - Orthotics / About orthotics. What Are Orthotics?, What Are Functional Posted Foot Orthotics?, Will Orthotics Corret My Foot Problems?, Will Orthotics Fit In All My Shoes? After Wearing My Orthotics, My Legs And Back Were Sore. Is This Normal?, Are Special Orthotics Required For Sports?
Foot and Ankle Disorders, FootCare Direct
Foot Facts : How Foot Smart Are You? / About foot disorders
Foot and Ankle Disorders, Footcare Direct
General Foot Care Tips / About general foot care tips
Foot and Ankle Disorders, Footcare Direct
Anatomy of a Foot / Anatomy about foot
Foot and Ankle Disorders, Galluzzo Foot and Ankle Clinic
Overview Foot Conditions / About foot and ankle disorders. Bunions, Hammertoes/Corns, Toenail Problems, Heel Pain, Neuroma, Functional Orthotics, Calluses, Diabetes, Warts And Lesions, Children, Ankle Pain
Foot and Ankle Disorders, Galluzzo Foot and Ankle Clinic
Functional Orthotics / About functional orthotics. Foot Function, Shoe Gear And Orthotics
Foot and Ankle Disorders, Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research
How to Pick an Athletic Shoe / About picking an athletic shoe. Selecting The Right Athletic Footwear, How Much Should You Be Paying For Your Shoes?
Foot and Ankle Disorders, Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research
How to Find Comfortable Shoes / About finding comfortable shoes
Foot and Ankle Disorders, Michigan Runner
Common Overuse Injuries : Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment / About causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment of runner's overuse injuries. Morton's Neuroma, Metatarsalgia Or Heel Stone Bruise, Plantar Fasciitis, Condral Malasia, Bursitis Or Tendonitis, Shin Splints, Stress Fracture
Foot and Ankle Disorders, Northwestern University
Prosthetics Information Page / About prosthetics. What Are The Causes Of Amputation?, How Large Is The Amputee Poplulation?
Foot and Ankle Disorders, Nutricise
The Lowdown on High Heels / About lowdown on high heels
Foot and Ankle Disorders, SelectCare
Oh, My Aching Feet / About guidelines for proper-fitting shoes. Fit To Wear?, Pay An Arm And A Leg?
Heel Pain, Foot Talk
About heel pain. Symptoms, Causes, View X-Ray Of Heel Spurs, View A Slid Show On Heel Pain/Plantar Fasciitis
International Association for the Study of Pain
IASP /Located in 909 NE 43rd St., Suite 306 Seattle, WA 98105-6020 USA / Tel : 206-547-6409 ,Fax : 206-547-1703 / 10th World Congress on Pain Aug 17- 22, 2002/ Online Journal: PAIN(full text with charge)/ Contents:Educational material,Job search
International League of Associations for Rheumatology
ILAR / Tel : +31-53-4894048, Fax : +31-53-4894259 / 6th INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON THE IMMUNOTHERAPY OF THE RHEUMATIC DISEASES, 15-19 May 2002 / Contents : Online Q&A
International Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Foundation
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