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periodic paralysis: MDA
MDA: periodic paralysis/ Site Format : Forum,Discussion,Q&A News/ Information resources : Journal reviews, Health News, Text , for Free/ / A guide to related materials on MDA's web site.
polymyositis: MDA
MDA: polymyositis/ Site Format : Forum,Discussion,Q&A News/ Information resources : Journal reviews, Health News, Text , for Free/ / A guide to related materials on MDA's web site.
Pulmonary Pathology Society
PPS / Contents : Educational Program, Calendar of Meetings, News and Newsletter
Renal Pathology Society
RPS / Located in Arthur B. Abt, MD, Department of Pathology HO83, MS Hershey Medical Center, PO Box 850, Hershey PA 17033 / TEL : (717) 531-8351, FAX : (717) 531-5021 / Sixth Banff Conference on Allograft Pathology schedule, 21-28, April, 2001 / Contents : Education materials and programs, Job search for fellow / Temporarily Missed Link : 04/04/2002
Sickle Cell Disease Association of America
SCDAA / Located in 200 Corporate Pointe, Suite 495 Culver City California 90230-8727 / Tel : 310 216 6363, Fax : 310 215 3722 / SCDAA 30th Anniversary National Convention, September 17-21, 2002 / Contents: General information about sickle cell disease
Society for Basic Urological Research
The Society for Basic Urologic Research (SBUR) is a society of scientists whose expertise includes the study of urologic cancers (prostate, bladder, kidney, testis, penis), the biology of prostate growth, kidney and bladder function, autoimmune urologic diseases, infectious diseases, neuro-urologic diseases, male reproductive biology, infertility and erectile dysfunction.
Society for Cardiovascular Pathology
SCVP / Location in c/o Chris Sturdivant PO Box 240476 Dorchester Center Boston, MA 02124 / Tel : 617 667-4342, Fax : 617 975-5620 / Online Journal : Cardiovascular Pathology(Abstract for free) / Contents : Newsletter, Calendar of meetings & events, Members Information, Searching a Job / Link to Related Sites
Society for Histochemistry
The Society for Histochemistry is an international association of scientists which was founded in 1952. Membership of the Society is open to scientists of all countries.
Society for In Vitro Biology
The Society for In Vitro Biology (SIVB) was founded in 1946 as the Tissue Culture Association to foster exchange of knowledge of in vitro biology of cells, tissues and organs from both plant and animals (including humans). The focus is on biological research, development, and applications of significance to science and society.
Society for Leukocyte Biology
The goals of the Society are to promote the discipline of leukocyte biology by promoting education and further understanding of leukocytes'' importance in diseases and their application to biotechnology.
Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism
SSIEM / Located in Dept. of Child Health University Hospital of Wales Heath Park Cardiff South Glamorgan, UNITED KINGDOM, September 3rd - 6th 2002 / Tel : +44 (0) 29 2074 6322 Fax : +44 (0) 29 2074 6322 / 40th annual Symposium Dublin, Ireland / Online Journal : Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease(Abstracts for free) / Contents : Educational material, Online Newsletter, Calendar of meetings & events
spinal bulbar muscular atrophy: MDA
MDA: spinal bulbar muscular atrophy/ Site Format : News/ Information resources : Journal reviews, Health News, Text , for Free/ Update cycle: Frequently / A guide to related materials on MDA's web site.
Swiss Tissue Culture Society
The Swiss Tissue Culture Society (STCS) is a branch of the European Tissue Culture Society (ETCS). The STCS aims to support progress in Cell and Molecular Biology and in related research areas where in vitro systems are applied.
United States (U.S.) Pharmacopeia (USP)
The official public standards-setting authority for all prescription and over-the-counter medicines, dietary supplements, and other healthcare products manufactured and sold in the United States / An independent, science-based public health organization / 12601 Twinbrook Parkway Rockville, MD 20852-1790, USA Phone: 800-227-8772 Phone: +1-301-881-0666 (International) / Product Quality-Standards and Verification, Patient Safety: Medication Errors Reporting Program , Healthcare Information: Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit / Contents : Educational material, General information about Drug, Job search
World Federation of Hemophilia
WFH / Located in 1425 Ren?L?esque Blvd. W. Suite 1010 Montrol, Qubec H3G 1T7 Canada / Tel.: +1 (514) 875-7944, Fax: +1 (514) 875-8916 / XXV International Congress of the WFH : May 19 - May 24, 2002 / Contents : Information for patients, Calendar of Meetings and Events, Newsletter / Language : English, Fran?is and Espa?l
World Muscle Society
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