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Belgian Co-ordinated Collections of Micro-organisms(BCCM)
A web site of Belgian Co-ordinated Collections of Micro-organisms(BCCM), a consortium of four complementary research-based culture collections financed by the Belgian Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs (OSTC) / This site provides over 50,000 well-documented and authenticated bacteria, flimentous and yeast fungi and over 1,500 plasmids, which are readily deliverable on a world-wide basis / Update cycle : Frequently updated
British Association of Clinical Anatomists
International Federation of Association of Anatomists / Located in School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT UK / Tel : 44 (0) 113 233 4296, Fax : 44 (0) 113 233 4344 / Link to Related Sites
British Infection Society
The aims of which are to promote the science and practice of medicine in relation to infection, and to further research, training and education in the subject. The BIS was formed in 1997 by the merger of the British Society for the Study of Infection and the Clinical Infection Society.
British Inflammation Research Association
The British Inflammation Research Association (BIRAs) is a UK basedassociation dedicated to the science of inflammation. However, membership is open to interested individuals outside of the UK, although there areother similar associations around the world.
British Mycological Society
The British Mycological Society (BMS) was founded in 1896 and has some 2000 members from many countries around the world, reflecting its international status. Its sole objective is to promote mycology in all its aspects
British Society for Parasitology
The British Society for Parasitology was launched in 1962 from the parasitological section of the Institute of Biology, and included overseas researchers amongst its founding members. The membership of the BSP now stands at around 1000 with approximately 300 from overseas.
California Tuberculosis Controllers Association
CTCA / TB Controllers associations in the U.S. Our members consist of TB Controllers and public health doctors, nurses and allied health professionals working in TB control in California / 850 Marina Bay Parkway Building P, 2nd floor Richmond, CA 94804-6403 / Tel: (510) 620-3008, Fax: (510) 620-3058
Canadian Association for Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases
CACMID is an umbrella organization that began from a public health microbiology background over 70 years ago
Canadian Infectious Disease Society
CIDS / Located in 2197 promenade Riverside Drive, Suite / pi?e 504, Ottawa, Ontario. K1H 7X3 / Tel : 613-260-3233, Fax : 613-260-3235 / Online journal : The Canadian Journal of Infectious Diseases(full text for sbuscriber) /Contents : Online membership application
Center for Cell Signaling, University of Virginia Health System
Homepage of Center for Cell Signaling, University of Virginia Health System / Introduction / Contents : Educational and Graduate Program, Research
Center for Microbial Pathogenesis, University of Connecticut Health Center
Homepage of Center for Microbial Pathogenesis, University of Connecticut Health Center / Contents : Research Lab, News and Events, Symposium
Central New York Mycological Society
The Central New York Mycological Society was founded in about 1980 as in informal not-for-profit, educational group of academicians and hobbyists. Our current membership of about 100 consists of amateur and professional mycologists, scientists, college professors and people who like to collect, photograph, identify and cook wild mushrooms.
Community and Hospital Infection Control Association - Canada
Canada is a national, multi-disciplinary, voluntary association of Infection Control Professionals (ICPs) committed to improving the health of Canadians by promoting excellence in the practice of infection prevention and control.
Department of Medical Microbiology, University of Cape Town and Groote Schuur Hospital
A home page of Department of Medical Microbiology, University of Cape Town and Groote Schuur Hospital / This site provides very useful lecture notes on microbiology and virology for both general public and professionals / Frequently updated site
Enterovirus Research Laboratory, University of Nebraska Medical Center
Homepage of Enterovirus Research Laboratory, University of Nebraska Medical Center / Contents : Research
Epidemic! - The World of Infectious Disease
A web site of special exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History / This site provides useful information on infection including kids' magazine, teachers' guide, glossary, and related web site links for general public / Update cycle : Recently not updated
European Association of Veterinary Anatomists
The European Association of Veterinary Anatomists offers a forum for the promotion of contacts and the exchange of experience between veterinary morphologists.
European Microscopy Society
The creation of the Committee of European Societies of Electron Microscopy (CESEM) dates back to 1975, a year after the International Congress on Electron Microsocopy (ICEM) in Canberra and a year before the European Congress (EUREM) in Jerusalem.
European Society for Clinical Virology
ESCV / Located in Laboratoire Central de Virologie Rue Micheli-du-Crest 24 CH-1211 GENEVA 14 SWITZERLAND / Tel : 41 22-372 4086, Fax : 41 22-372 4088 / h International Congress of Virology : Paris, France, July 27- August 3, 2002/ Online journal : Journal of Clinical Virology (full text with charge) / Contents : Calendar of Meetings, Membership Information, Educational Program, Newsletter
European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
ESCMID is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to improve the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases by promoting and supporting research, education and training in the infection disciplines. This is achieved by scientific exchange, educational programmes, grants and awards, certification and consultation with professional and government agencies. Through its activities and publications ESCMID fosters professional exchange and stimulates an open and collaborative spirit nourished by the diversity of European culture.
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