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Pan American Association of Anatomy
PAAA / Online Journal : Brazilian Journal of Morphological Sciences(abstract for free) / Contents : Online membership application, Online Q&A
Pennsylvania Muscle Institute, University of Pennsylvania Health System
Homepage of Pennsylvania Muscle Institute, University of Pennsylvania Health System / Contents : Graduate Program, Research, Journal Clubs, Seminars / Link to National Institute of Health, Hosford's Muscle Tables, NCBI Protein/DNA Search and Retrieval, Protein Analysis at SIB, Myosin home page at MRC, Muscle Home Page at Brandeis University, Neuromuscular Physiology Home Page at UCSD, Boston University NeuroMuscular Research Center, and Neuromuscular Disease Center at Washington University
Protein Sequencing Center, SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Homepage of Protein Sequencing Center, SUNY Downstate Medical Center / Introduction
RIGEL Pharmaceuticals, Inc. : since 1996/ Nasdaq:RIGL/ Products and related departments; Genomics:cDNA, retrovirus..Chemistry: HTS, IND, FDA../ Menu:Careers,Products informtion, Research / RIGEL Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 240 East Grand Ave. South San Francisco, CA 94080 Fax a copy to: 650-624-1101
Society for Basic Urological Research
The Society for Basic Urologic Research (SBUR) is a society of scientists whose expertise includes the study of urologic cancers (prostate, bladder, kidney, testis, penis), the biology of prostate growth, kidney and bladder function, autoimmune urologic diseases, infectious diseases, neuro-urologic diseases, male reproductive biology, infertility and erectile dysfunction.
Society for Hematopathology
SH / Located in One Cloister Court, Box 101, Bethesda, MD 20814 / Tel : 301 496 7975, Fax : 301 402 0174 / 2003 SH/EAHP Workshop, October 23-25, 2003
Society for Histochemistry
The Society for Histochemistry is an international association of scientists which was founded in 1952. Membership of the Society is open to scientists of all countries.
Society for In Vitro Biology
The Society for In Vitro Biology (SIVB) was founded in 1946 as the Tissue Culture Association to foster exchange of knowledge of in vitro biology of cells, tissues and organs from both plant and animals (including humans). The focus is on biological research, development, and applications of significance to science and society.
Society for Leukocyte Biology
The goals of the Society are to promote the discipline of leukocyte biology by promoting education and further understanding of leukocytes'' importance in diseases and their application to biotechnology.
Society for Molecular Imaging
The Society for Molecular Imaging is an international scientific educational organization whose purpose is to advance our understanding of biology and medicine through nonivasive in vivo investigation of cellular molecular events involved in normal and pathologic processes.
Society for Neuroscience
SN / Located in 11 Dupont Circle, N.W. Suite 500 Washington D.C. 20036 / Tel : 202 462 6688, Fax : 202 462 9740 / 32nd Annual Meeting, November 2-7, 2002 / Contents : Educational material, Online Q&A
Spanish Society of Anatomy
It''s aims are the potentiation and coordination of activities related to the research and education of human anatomy in the university, including anatomy , morphology, embryology, histology, pathological anatomy, anthropology and veterinary topics.
Swiss Society for Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology
The Society is a national, non-governmental scientific organisation. The primary focus of the Society is to provide current, usable information to the anatomical community.
The THCME Medical Biochemistry Page
This site provides lots of articles on various biochemistry subjects and links to other related sites for medical biochemistry students / Frequently updated site
Tissue Engineering International & Regenerative Medicine Society
To accomplish its mission, the Society brings together the international community of persons engaged or interested in the field of tissue engineering and promotes education and research within the field of tissue engineering through regular meetings, publications and other forms of communication. The Society also serves as an international forum to promote the informed discussion of challenges and therapeutic benefits of the application of tissue engineering technologies.
Vitamin D
Vitamin D/ Contents : Educational material (nutrition, chemistry, biochemistry, diseases), Information about Workshop (archives, attendees, workshop books)
World Neurochemical Societies
A home page of World Neurochemical Societies / This site provides links to subsidary socities / Not frequently updated site
Yahoo, Science>Physics > X-Ray
Directory of Yahoo related to X-ray physics
Zirconia ceramics or "by night, all cats are grey"
The French Orthopedic Surf : Pr Doursounian, Pr Saillant, Dr Cazeau/ Site Format : Forum,Discussion,Q&A , Job opportunity( for Practitioner )/ Information resources : Text & Multimedia, for Free/ Update cycle: Frequently / Review article : Zirconia ceramics or "by night, all cats are grey"
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