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Damaged Care, The Musical Comedy Cabaret about Health Care in America
Written and performed by two physicians, Greg LaGana, M.D., and Barry Levy, M.D., Damaged Care is a musical comedy about health care in America / The Show, Lyrics, The Cast, Reviews / The show has been performed at numerous health-care conferences and other venues across the United States since 1996, including three performances on Capitol Hill
Humor, / About parenting humor
Medical Jokes ; Medstudents (Brasil)
Six jokes collected Medstudents which is produced by physicians and medical students of The Federal University Rio de Janeiro in Brasil
Medicine & Psychiatry on the Internet
Links to various medical humor and cartoon sites
Need a Humor, Tourette Syndrome Plus
Nursing Humor,
Guide Humor / About humor gathered by
Placebo Journal
A magazine for physicians whose goal, as its Latin definition states, is "to give pleasure to" / The purpose is to empower physicians with a skill that is sorely lacking ?humor / P.O. Box 332, Auburn, ME 04212-0332 Telephone: 207-782-1115, FAX: 207-782-1115
Rude Humor
Medical jokes with ratings, dirty.
The Humor Vault
Over 100 doctor jokes
The Laugh Web
Lists and anecdotes related to medical humor.
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