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American Society of Nuclear Cardiology; Clinical Guidelines
Arthritis Foundation; Clinical Guidelines
Australian Sonographers Association; Clinical Guidelines
British Hyperlipidaemia Association; Clinical Guidelines
British Medical Ultrasound Society; Clinical Guidelines
British Nuclear Medicine Society; Clinical Guidelines
British Scoliosis Society; Clinical Guidelines
British Society for Rheumatology; Clinical Guidelines
Canadian Adult Congenital Heart Network; Clinical Guidelines
Canadian Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation; Clinical Guidelines
Canadian CHF Clinics Network; Clinical Guidelines
Canadian Chiropractic Association; Clinical Guidelines
Canadian Hypertension Society; Clinical Guidelines
Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand; Clinical Guidelines
Childhood Onset Heart Disease, Children's Heart Information Network
Glossary of Childhood Onset Heart Disease
Children & Heart Disease, American Heart Association
The two types of heart disease in children are "congenital" and "acquired
Children''s Heart Federation; Clinical Guidelines
Chiropractic Resource Organization; Clinical Guidelines
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Association of Arizona; Clinical Guidelines
Common Misconceptions about Vaccination , CDC
Six Common Misconceptions about Vaccination and How to Respond to Them / About six common misconceptions about vaccination. Introduction, Diseases Had Already Begun To Disappear Before Vaccines Were Introduced, Because Of Better Hygiene And Sanitation, The Majority Of People Who Get Disease Have Been Vaccinated, There Are "Hot Lots" Of Vaccine That Have Been Associated With More Adverse Events And Deaths Than Others. Parents Should Find The Numbers Of These Lots And Not Allow Their Children To Receive Vaccines From Them, Vaccines Cause Many Harmful Side Effects, Illnesses, And Even Death - Not To Mention Possible Long-Term Effects We Don't Even Know About, Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Have Been Virtually Eliminated From The United States, So There Is No Need For My Child To Be Vaccinated, Giving A Child Multiple Vaccinations For Different Diseases At The Same Time Increases The Risk Of Harmful Side Effects And Can Overload The Immune System
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