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Ashmore Lab
University College London/ Information resources : Text & Multimedia, for Free/ Update cycle: Frequently / This homepage presents downloadable MPEG and AVI movies of dancing OHCs
Brian's Acoustic Neuroma UK page
This web site, which is created by a person who had a large left side acoustic neuroma surgically removed, provides brief information on acoustic neuroma for general public / Update cycle: Recently not updated
Fanconi Anemia, Cybernex
Fanconi Anemia Entry Point / Fanconi anemia parents site
Gastroenteritis, Dr. Reddy's Pediatric Office on the Web TM
Gastroenteritis/ Symptoms(Diarrhea, Vomiting, Fever, Dehydration), Causes, Treatment( Fluids, Diet, Medicines)
Hepatitis A-Z
General information about hepatitis, liver cirrhosis including statistics, transplantation, alternative medicine and other link sites
Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, Philip's Heartpage
Philip’s Home Page
Introduction to Neuropathology by Nancy Peress, MD
This site contains brief information on neurological disease with histologic photos mainly for professionals / Not frequently updated site
Broad range of liver related issues and current treatment options / Private Homepage
Muscle Diseases-Classification : Michael Brooke's Muscle Disease & Neurology Notebook
Michael Brooke/ Site Format : Job opportunity( for Practitioner )/ Information resources : Text , for Free/ Update cycle: Recently not updated / This website contains information about classification of muscular disoders
Neurosurgery. Samuel Neff, M.D
This web site, which is provided by Samuel Neff, M.D., provides brief information including neuronews, fact sheet and research articles on various neurosurgical diseases for general public / Update cycle : Recently not updated
Pancreas:Homepage of Dr. Whitcomb
Offers information about pancreas including hereditary pancreatitis resources / Link to national pancreatic foundation and Midwest pancreatic study group and so on
Pediatric Rheumatology, GoldScout
Pediatric Rheumatology Page / About pediatric rheumatology. Patient And Family Information, Books On Childhood Arthritis, Physicians' Information, Information On The Hospital For Special Surgery
This web site provides very useful information on health fraud and quackery including questionable products, services, theories, advertisements and nonrecommended sources of health advice for general public / Update cycle : Frequently updated
Rh Incompatibility, Dr.Green's HouseCalls
Rh Incompatibility / How To Determine and Manage Rh Incompatibility URL chaned to
RSD(Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) Online
This site, created and maintained by a person affected by reflex sympathetic dystrophy, provides sufferer's experience and brief information on reflex sympathetic dystrophy for general public / Not frequently updated site
Score Against Colon Cancer
Contains information on colorectal cancer including screening, prevention, and FAQs / Eric Davis and trivia baseball quizes / Links related to colon cancer /Set by Eric Davis Foundation which want to raise awareness and fund research to help improve prevention and screening techniques, find new treatments for colorectal cancer and support research.
This site, maintained by Paul Pietsch, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Indiana University, provides lots of scientific articles on brain and eyes, which were written mainly by him / Frequently updated site
Spasms Infantile, Eddie's Story
Eddie's Story // an infantile spasm patient's site
Spasms Infantile, Jason's Story
Jason's Story//infantile spasm patient's site
Spasms Infantile, Kevin's Story
Kevin's Story// an infantile spasm patient's site
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