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Baylisascaris Infection, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Baylisascaris Infection / About baylisascaris infection
Blastomycosis, CMA
Novel cases of blastomycosis acquired in Toronto/ CMAJ, Nov. 14 (2000) vol.163, no.10, pp.1309-1312 [pdf file]
Blastomycosis, Vanderbilt Medical Center
Infectious Diseases: Blastomycosis
Bloodborne Pathogens, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Bloodborne Pathogens / About bloodborne pathogens. General Information, Guidelines, Scientific Publications
Borna Disease Virus, Emerging Infectious Diseases
Borna Disease/ Emerging Infectious Diseases vol.3 no.2 1997, Natural Infection and Transmission, Animal Models for BDV Pathogenesis, BDV and Neuropsychiatric Disease, Special Considerations for BDV Diagnostics
Botulinum Clostridium, Bad Bug Book
Clostridium Botulinum/ Definition, Nature of the Disease, Diagnosis of Human Illness, Associated Foods, Frequency, The Usual Course of Disease and Complications, Food Analysis, Selected Outbreaks
Botulinum Toxin, FDA
Botulinum Toxin: A Poison That Can Heal
Botulism Infant, Pediatric Bulletin
Infant Botulism
Botulism, Botulism Web
Botulism Web
Botulism, CDC
Botulism in the United States, 1899-1996: Handbook for Epidemiologists, Clinicians and Laboratory Workers, 1998
Botulism, CDC
Botulism/ What is botulism, What kind of germ is Clostridium botulinum, How common is botulism, What are the symptoms of botulism, How is botulism diagnosed, How can botulism be treated, Are there complications from botulism, How can botulism be prevented, What are public health agencies doing to prevent or control botulism
Botulism, Neuromuscular
Botulism/ Clinical features, Clostridium botulinum, Diagnosis, Features of subtypes, Mechanisms of action, Prevention, Prognosis, Protein structure, Syndromes
Botulism, New York State Department of Health
Botulism (food-borne botulism and infant botulism)/ New York State Department of Health, Communicable Disease Fact Sheet
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, Centes for Disease Control and Prevention
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy / About bovine spongiform encephalopathy. Articles, Additional Information
Brainerd Diarrhea, DBMD
Brainerd Diarrhea/ Definition, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, Long-term Consequences, Prevention, Technical Information
Brazilian Purpuric Fever, MMWR
Epidemiologic Notes and Reports Preliminary Report: Epidemic Fatal Purpuric Fever Among Children - Brazil/ MMWR Weekly, April 26, 1985 / 34(16);217-9
Brazilian Purpuric Fever, MMWR
International Notes Brazilian Purpuric Fever -- Mato Grosso, Brazil/ MMWR Weekly, December 14, 1990 / 39(49);903-905
Brucellosis, Emerging Infectious Diseases
Brucellosis: an Overview/ Emerging Infectious Diseases, vol.3 no.2, Abstract: Brucellosis remains a major zoonosis worldwide. Although many countries have eradicated Brucella abortus from cattle, in some areas Brucella melitensis has emerged as a cause of infection in this species as well as in sheep and goats. Despite vaccination campaigns with the Rev 1 strain, B. melitensis remains the principal cause of human brucellosis. Brucella suis is also emerging as an agent of infection in cattle, thus extending its opportunities to infect humans. The recent isolation of distinctive strains of Brucella from marine mammals has extended its ecologic range. Molecular genetic studies have demonstrated the phylogenetic affiliation to Agrobacterium, Phyllobacterium, Ochrobactrum, and Rhizobium. Polymerase chain reaction and gene probe development may provide more effective typing methods. Pathogenicity is related to production of lipopolysaccharides containing a poly N-formyl perosamine O chain, Cu-Zn superoxide dismutase, erythrulose phosphate dehydrogenase, stress-induced proteins related to intracellular survival, and adenine and guanine monophosphate inhibitors of phagocyte functions. Protective immunity is conferred by antibody to lipopolysaccharide and T-cell-mediated macrophage activation triggered by protein antigens. Diagnosis still centers on isolation of the organism and serologic test results, especially enzyme immunoassay, which is replacing other methods. Polymerase chain reaction is also under evaluation. Therapy is based on tetracyclines with or without rifampicin, aminoglycosides, or quinolones. No satisfactory vaccines against human brucellosis are available, although attenuated purE mutants appear promising.
Brucellosis, New York State Department of Health
Brucellosis (undulant fever, Bang's disease)/ New York State Department of Health Communicable Disease Fact Sheet
Buruli Ulcer, WHO
Facts about Buruli ulcer
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