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Achalasia, SSAT
Barrett Esophagus, OMIM
Barrett Esophagus, WRS Press
The (dubious) Barrett esophagus/ Longitudinal shortening of the esophagus can be due to vagal stimulation, to hormonal influences, and to the direct effect of acid pH on the esophageal mucosa. It shortens reflexly from inflation of the organ at radiologic or endoscopic examination. All of these factors are at work in patients with supposed BE. They cause a tubular hiatal transtract that is mistaken by examiners for esophagus lined with gastric mucosa. The supposed metaplasia can vary up to 9 cm over a few weeks or vanish entirely as more or less stomach is pulled through the diaphragm. Metaplasia from unspecialized to more specialized tissue is unknown elsewhere and is not likely here where there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for the appearances. Microscopic diagnosis is illusory as it depends on the distance of the biopsy from the incisors or from a manometrically localized "sphincter" which may be a hiatal squeeze. The epithelium is indistinguishable from intestinal metaplasia of gastric mucosa - which indeed it is as demonstrated by its ability to take up technitium pertechnetate.
Barrett's Esophagus, Jackson Gastroenterology
Barrett's Esophagus/ Definition, Cause and Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment, Medications, Surgery, Monitoring
Barrett's Esophagus, Seattle Barrett's Esophagus Program
Seattle Barrett's Esophagus Program/ Descriptions of Barrett's Esophagus, Counting Chromosomes to Prevent Cancer, Detective Story
Bezoar, IowaClinic
Bezoar / About bezoar. Alternative Names, Definition, Causes, Incidence And Risk Factors
Congenital Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis, IowaClinic
Pyloric Stenosis / About congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis. Alternative Names, Definition, Causes, Incidence And Risk Factors
Digestive Tract, NIDDK
Bleeding in the Digestive Tract/ Causes, Signs, Diagnosis, Treatment
Duodenal Atresia, IowaClinic
Duodenal Atresia / About duodenal atresia. Definition, Causes, Incidence And Risk Factors
Dysphagia, NYEEI/Health Matters
Dysphagia/ Normal swallow, Causes of a swallowing problem, The most common signs a swallowing problem exists
Endoscopic Ultrasound(EUS),
What Is Endoscopic Ultrasound?, When Is EUS Useful?, What Is The Preparation For EUS?, How Is EUS Performed?, What Are The Risks Of EUS?
Esophageal Disease, The Longitudinal Muscle in Esophageal Disease
The Longitudinal Muscle in Esophageal Disease/ Boolean model of the esophagus, The mechanism of mucosal fold formation, The captive bolus, Where is the sphincter, Reflex control of the sphincter, Gas/bloat and the physiology of belching, The function of a hiccup, Longitudinal muscle contraction, The lower esophageal ring, The LM and GE reflux, Complications of LM tension, "Hiatus hernia" and rupture of the PE ligament, "Achalasia" and related misdiagnoses, Mallory-Weiss syndrome, The (dubious) Barrett esophagus
Esophagitis Peptic, University of Oxford's Clinical School
Systematic review of PPI and H2A in GORD/ Reflux oesophagitis: quantitative systematic review of the evidence of effectiveness of proton pump inhibitors and histamine antagonists
Gastroesophageal Reflux, GERD Information Resource Center
Introduction to GERD/ General Anatomy and Physiology, Pathophysiology of GERD
LAPAROSCOPIC NISSEN FUNDOPLICATION/ Advantages of the Laparoscopic Nissen Procedure, Strengthening the Stomach Valve, Before Surgery, Your Recovery
Gastroesophageal Reflux, Motilides
Clinical Potential of Motilides/ Reflux disease
Gastroesophageal Reflux, PAGER
Gastroesophageal Reflux (GER)/ Pediatric GER, Adolescent GER, Adult GER, Sources of information on GER, The connection to child abuse and Shaken Baby Syndrome, Frequently Asked Questions
Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease, JRCSEd
Laparoscopic anterior fundoplication/ Journal of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, April 2000, Vol. 45 No. 2, Background, Operative technique, Post-operative care
Hernia Hiatal Heartburn, NIDDK
Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD): Hiatal Hernia and Heartburn/ Gastroesophageal Reflux, Role of Hiatal Hernia, Other Factors Contribute to GERD, Heartburn, Treatment for GERD, Symptoms, Surgery of GERD, Complications of Long-Term GERD
Hernia Hiatus Heartburn, North East Valley Division General Practice
Hiatus Hernia/ Symptoms, Risks, Treatment
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