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Celiac Disease, Celiac Sprue Association
Treatment of Celiac Disease / About treatment of celiac disease. Overview For The Long-Term Patient, For The Newly-Diagnosed Patient, General Management Suggestions For Celiac Disease
Celiac Disease, National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse
Celiac Disease / About celiac disease. What Is Celiac Disease?, What Are The Symptoms?, How Is Celiac Disease Diagnosed?, What Is The Treatment?, The Gluten Free Diet : Some Examples, What Are The Complications Of Celiac Disease?, How Common Is Celiac Disease?, Diseases Linked To Celiac Disease, Dermatitis Herpetiformis, Additional Resources, Points To Remember
Celiac Sprue, Celiac Sprue Association
Drug Information Guide / About drug for treating the celiac sprue. Introduction : Recognizing The Drug/Gluten Interaction, For The Celiac Patient : Self-Management, Background And Historical Perspective, The Problem For Celiacs, The Major Problem Ingredient : Wheat Starch, After Gluten, The Drug Alcohol, Food And Drug Interactions, Avoiding The Other Drug Problem, Cautions Related To Put-Ons : Applications To The Skin
Chronic Diarrhea, National Center for Infectious Diseases
Chronic Diarrhea / About chronic diarrhea. What Is Chronic Diarrhea?, What Causes Chronic Diarrhea?, How Is Chronic Diarrhea Diagnosed?, Who Is At Risk For Chronic Diarrhea?, How Is Chronic Diarrhea Treated?, How Is Chronic Diarrhea Spread?, How Can Chronic Diarrhea Be Prevented?
Chronic Hepatitis B, Immunization Action Coalition
Do You Have Chronic Hepatitis B? / About chronic hepatitis b
Chronic Hepatitis B, National Center for Infectious Diseases
If You Have Chronic Hepatitis B / About chronic hepatitis b. What Should You Know To Keep Others From Getting Infected With HBV?, You Cannot Spread HBV By, What Is Chronic (Life-Long) Hepatitis B?, How Could You Have Gotten Infected With HBV?, Is There Medical Treatment For You?, What If You Are Pregnant? / PDF File
Chronic Hepatitis C, National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse
Chronic Hepatitis C : Current Disease Management / About current management for chronic hepatitis c. Introduction, Risk Factors And Transmission, Clinical Symptoms And Signs, Serologic Tests, Lvier Biopsy, Immunostaining, Diagnosis, Treatment, The Future Of Hepatitis C : Research, Selected Review Articles And References
Chronic Hepatitis C, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
NIH Researchers Zero in on Viral Changes That Lead to Chronic Hepatitis C / About chronic hepatitis c
Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction, APHDS
Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction / About chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction. What Is Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction?, What Is Ggastrointestinal Motility?, What Are Problems With Gastrointestinal Motility?, Who Studies Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction In Children?, Why Is It Necessary To Study Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction And Other Motility Disorders?
Cirrhosis and Portal Hypertension, American Academy of Family Physicians
Cirrhosis and Portal Hypertension / About cirrhosis and portal hypertension. What Is Cirrhosis?, What Causes Cirrhosis?, How Will My Doctor Know If I Have Cirrhosis?, What Is Portal Hypertension And What Causes It?, What Are The Treatments For Cirrhosis And Portal Hypertension?, What Can I Do To Help Myself?
Cirrhosis, American Cancer Society
Interferon May Prevent Liver Cancer in People with Hepatitis C / About interferon for preventing cirrhosis in people with hepatitis c. Side Effects May Be Severe, Other Countries May Be Different
Cirrhosis, National Center for Health Statistics
FASTATS : Chronic Liver Disease/Cirrhosis / Statistics about chronic liver disease and cirrhosis
Cirrhosis, Society of Nuclear Medicine
Liver and Hepatobiliary Imaging / About liver and hepatobiluary imaging for diagnosing the cirrhosis. Test Preparation, Exam Procedure
Colic, Bright Future Lactation Resource Centre
Colic in the Breastfed Baby / About colic of breastfed baby. Feeding Both Breasts At Each Feeding, Overactive Letdown Reflex, Foreign Proteins In The Mother's Milk
Colon and Rectal Cancer, Johns Hopkins Colon Cancer Center
How are Colon and Rectal Cancer Diagnosed? / About diagnosing the colon and rectal cancer. Digital Rectal Exam, Fecal Occult Blood Test, Flexible Sigmoidoscopy, Colonoscopy, Barium Enema, Preparation For Diagnostic Tests
Colon and Rectum Cancer, American Cancer Society
Colon and Rectum Cancer : What is it? / About colon and rectum cancer. What Is Colorectal Cancer?, What Are The Key Statistics About Colorectal Cancer?
Colon and Rectum Cancer, American Cancer Society
Colon and Rectum Cancer : Detection and Symptoms / About detection and symptoms of colon and rectum cancer. Can Colorectal Cancer Be Found Early?, How Is Colorectal Cancer Diagnosed?, How Is Colorectal Cancer Staged?
Colon and Rectum Cancer, American Cancer Society
Colon and Rectum Cancer : Prevention and Risk Factors / About prevention and risk factors for colon and rectum cancer. What Are The Risk Factors For Colorectal Cancer?, Do We Know What Causes Colorectal Cancer?, Can Colorectal Cancer Be Prevented?,
Colon and Rectum Cancer, American Cancer Society
Colon and Rectum Cancer : Treatment / About treatment of colon and rectum cancer. How Is Colon Cancer Treated?, What Should You Ask Your Doctor About Colorectal Cancer?, What Happens After Treatment For Colorectal Cancer?, What's New In Colorectal Cancer Research And Treatment?
Colon and Rectum Cancer, National Cancer Institute
Colon and Rectum : U.S. Racial/Ethnic Cancer Patterns / About colon and rectum cancer
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