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Heart and heart/lung transplants, Universidad de Navarra
Facts About Heart and Heart/Lung Transplants / About heart and heart/lung transplants for congenital heart defects. What Happens During A Heart Or Heart/Lung Transplant?, Why Are Transplants Done?, Who Can Have A Transplant?, How Are Donors Found?, Does A Person Lead A Normal Life After A Transplant?, What Are The Risks From Transplants?, What Does Rejection Mean?
Heart Disease, Virtual Hospital
Women and Heart Disease : FAQ / About heart disease of women
Heart Disease, Virtual Hospital
Surgery Treatment for End Stage Heart Disease : Frequently Asked Questions
Heart Disease, Virtual Hospital
Risk Factors for Heart Disease : Frequently Asked Questions / About risk factors for heart disease
Heart Disease, Virtual Hospital
Heart Disease, Virtual Hospital
Preventing Further Heart Disease : Frequently Asked Questions
Heart Diseases, MEDLINEPlus
Heart Transplantation Latest News, From National Institutes Of Health, General/Overviews, Anatomy/Physiology, Disease Management, Research, Specific Conditions/Aspects, Treatment, Law And Policy, Organizations, Statistics
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