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Cardiac arrythmia Cardiac Transplantation
Cardiac Tumors Cardiomyopathy, Myocarditis & Pericardial
Congenital Heart Diseases General Information
Heart Faillure & Cor Pulmonale Hypertensive Vascular Diseases
Ischemic Heart Diseases Lipid Disorders
Valvular Heart Diseases Vascular Diseases (Extremity & Aorta)
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Collagen Vascular Disease,
Collagen Vascular Disease / About collagen vascular disease. What Is A Collagen Vascular Disease?, Connective Tissue Disease Can Have Strong Or Weak Inheritance Risks
Coronary Angioplasty, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
People Over 80 are at Much Higher Risk of Death Following Coronary Angioplasty Than Younger Patients / About coronary angioplasty
Coronary Angioplasty, Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research
Coronary Angioplasty : Opening Clogged Arteries / About coronary angioplasty. Drugs, Balloons And Surgery, Clearing The Way, Angioplasty Versus Surgery, Are You A Candidate for Angiplasty?, Beyond The Balloon And Stents
Coronary Artery Disease, American Academy of Family Physicians
Coronary Artery Disease : How Your Diet Can Help / About coronary artery disease. What Is Coronary Artery Disease?, What Is Cholesterol?, How Does Lowering LDL Cholesterol Help?, What Foods Should I Add To My Diet?, What Else Can I Do If I have Coronary Artery Disease?, What If Changing My Diet Doesn't Help?
Coronary Artery Disease,
Coronary Artery Disease Screening Tests / About screening tests for coronary artery disease. What Is Coronary Artery Disease?, What Is The Purpose Of Screening Tests For CAD?, What Are Common Initial Screening Tests For CAD, What If The Initial ECST Does Not Clarify The Diangnosis?, What If Patiets Are Unable To Exercise Adequately For An ECST?, Are There Other Tests For CAD That Are Noninvasive?, What Is The Most Accurate Method Of Defining CAD?
Coronary Heart Disease, American Academy of Family Physicians
Coronary Heart Disease : Reducing Your Risk / About coronary heart disease. What Is Coronary Heart Disease?, What Causes CHD?, What Can I Do To Lower My Risk Of CHD?
Coronary Heart Disease, Food and Drug Administration
FDA Approves New Health Claim for Soy Protein and Coronary Heart Disease / About soy protein and coronary heart disease
Coronary Heart Disease, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
New Studies Show Death Rates Significantly Lower When Major Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease and Coronary Heart Disease are Absent / About major risk factors for cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease
Coronary Heart Disease, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Alcohol Alert : Alcohol and Coronary Heart Disease / About alcohol and coronary heart disease. Epidemiologic Evidence, Is Alcohol's Role Causal Or Incidental?, The Role Of Beverage Choice, How Might Alcohol Lower Risk For CHD?, Risks And Benefits
Cranial Aneurysm, American Association of Neurological Surgeons
Cranial Aneurysm / About cranial aneurysm. What Is Vasospasm And How Can It Be Prevented Or Treated?, Will The Metal Clips Placed On An Aneurysm Be A Problem For Future MRI Imaging?, My Dad Was Just Diagnosed With A Two Centimeter Aneurysm In His Brain Behind His Right Eye. What Is The Typical Next Step?, Is There A Test Which Could Show An Image Of A Nerve And An Artery In The Same Picture? If So What Is Called And Where Is This Located?, Is A Person With And Arteriovenous Malformation Of The Brain At Higher Risk For Having An Aneurysm Of The Brain?, If Someone Has An Asymptomatic Aneurysm On The "Circle Of Willis" Detected By A CT Scan, Should Urgent Surgical Intervention Be Performed?, I Have Had Strange Sensations In My Head For About A Year. I Am Taking Medication For A Bipolar Disorder. Also I Have A Tingling Feeling On The Left Side Of My Head. The Sensation Is Best Described As A Painless Stirring Back And Forth Which Usually Happens At The End Of The Day. It Felt As Though I Had A Migraine. Should I Be Concerned About An Aneurysm?, Is It Possible To Be Allergic To Or Develop An Allergic Reaction To An Aneurysm Clip, My Daughter Had A Craniotomy (Brain Surgery) For An Unruptured Fusiform Aneurysm. Reconstruction Of The Artery Was Not Possible. Should We Have Another Procedure Done To Close The Main Artery?, Are Aneurysms Hereditary? When Would You Know To Investigate For An Unruptured Aneurysm?
Culture-Negative Endocarditis, IowaClinic
Culture-Negative Endocarditis, IowaClinic
Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism,
Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism / About deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, What Is A Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) And A Pulmonary Embolism?, What Causes A DVT?, What Are The Symptoms Of A DVT Or A Pulmonary Embolism?, How Is A DVT Diagnosed?, How Is A Pulmonary Embolism Diagnosed?, How Are DVTs And Pulmonary Emboli Treated?, How Long Do Patients Need To Be Treated For DVTs?, What Happens To The Blood Clot Over Time?, What Are The Long Term Consequences Of DVTs And Pulmonary Emobli?, Can DVTs Be Prevented?, Deep Vein Thrombosis At A Glance
Deep Vein Thrombosis, American Venous Forum
A New Perspective on Deep Vein Thrombosis / About deep vein thrombosis. Introduction, Veins & Circulation, Symptoms & Complications, Diagnosing DVT, Treating DVT, After Your Treatment/Definition Of Terms
Endocarditis, IowaClinic
Definition, Causes, Incidence And Risk Factors
Gangrene, Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research
Gangrene / About gangrene
Global Cardiology Network
provide the Global Cardiology Network Search Engine
Glossary of Cardiovascular Terminology, Texas Heart Institute
Glossary of Cardiovascular Terminology-Heart Information Service/ alphabetical list
Heart Attack, American Academy of Family Physicians
Heart Attack : Warning Signs and Tips on Prevention / About warning signs and tips for preventing the heart attack. What Is Heart Attack?, How Do I Know If I'm Having A Heart Attack?, How Can I Avoid Having A Heart Attack?
Heart Attack, American Academy of Family Physicians
Heart Attack : Getting Back into Your Life After a Heart Attack / About heart attack. How Soon Can I Get Back To My Regular Activities?, Why Is Exercise So Important?, What Kind Of Exercise Is Good?, How Often Should I Exercise?, What Can I Do To Speed My Recovery And Stay Healthy?, When Can I Go Back To Work?, What About Sex?
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