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Advances in biochemical engineering/biotechnology.
Fiechter,A/Adv Biochem Eng Biotechnol/1983/SpringerVerlag, [/English, English/0724-6145(Print); 1616-8542(Electronic); 0724-6145(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Vols. 1 (1971)-26 (1983) in v. 26 (Includes index to Advances in biochemical engineering).
Advances in colloid and interface science.
/Adv Colloid Interface Sci/1967/Elsevier/English/0001-8686(Print); 1873-3727(Electronic); 0001-8686(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Vol. 25, no. 4 (Sept. 1986); title from cover. Also issued online.
Animal biotechnology.
/Anim Biotechnol/1990/Marcel Dekker, c/English/1049-5398(Print); 1532-2378(Electronic); 1049-5398(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Title from cover. Also issued online.
Annals of biomedical engineering.
Biomedical Engineering Society./Ann Biomed Eng/1972/New York, Academic Press./English/0090-6964(Print); 1573-9686(Electronic); 0090-6964(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Journal of the Biomedical Engineering Society. Print issues ceased with 2013. Also issued online.
Annual review of biomedical engineering.
/Annu Rev Biomed Eng/1999/Annual Reviews, c/English/1523-9829(Print); 1545-4274(Electronic); 1523-9829(Linking)//Indexed Medline/Also issued online.
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology.
/Appl Biochem Biotechnol/1981/Humana Press, c/English, English/0273-2289(Print); 1559-0291(Electronic); 0273-2289(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Part A, Enzyme engineering and biotechnology. Title from cover. Also issued online.
Applied ergonomics.
Ergonomics Research Society./Appl Ergon/1969/London./English/0003-6870(Print); 1872-9126(Electronic); 0003-6870(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Also issued online. Issued 1970- by Iliffe Science and Technology Publications in cooperation with the Ergonomics Research Society.
Applied microbiology and biotechnology.
/Appl Microbiol Biotechnol/1984/Springer International, c/English/0175-7598(Print); 1432-0614(Electronic); 0175-7598(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Title from cover. Also issued online.
Applied Radiation and Isotopes
Appl Radiat Isot / Formerly known as International Journal of Radiation Applications and Instrumentation. Part A. Applied Radiation and Isotopes / Published from 1993 (Online from 1993) / Elsevier Science / Abstracts for free / Fulltext for subscribers / cited in Medline(index medicus) and ISI Current Contents/Life Sciences
Artificial Cells, Blood Substitutes, and Immobilization Biotechnology
Artif Cells Blood Substit Immobil Biotechnol / Changed its name from "Biomaterials, Artifical Cells, and Immobilization Biotechnology" in 1994 / Published from 1994 (Online from 2001) / Marcel Dekker, Inc. / Abstract for free / Full-text for subscribers and pay per view(Online order)/ cited in Medline(Index Medicus) and SCI
Artificial intelligence in medicine.
/Artif Intell Med/1989/Burgverlag, c/English/0933-3657(Print); 1873-2860(Electronic); 0933-3657(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Place of publication varies. Also issued online.
Artificial Life and Robotics
Journal / Published from 1950 / Springer-Verlag Wien / Review and Comment for authors
Artificial organs.
Society for Rotary Blood Pumps./Artif Organs/1977/Cleveland, International Society for Artificial Organs./English/0160-564X(Print); 1525-1594(Electronic); 0160-564X(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Also issued online. Official journal of the International Society for Artificial Organs, 1977-; International Federation for Artificial Organs, International Faculty for Artificial Organs and International Society for Rotary Blood Pumps, <2010->
ASAIO journal
ASAIO J / Official journal of the American Society for Artificial Internal Organs (ASAIO) / Published from 1955 (Online from 2002) / Lippincott Williams & Wilkins / Table of contents from 1999 / Abstract for free from 2002 /Full-text for subscribers from 2002 / cited in Medline (Index Medicus), SCI and ISI Current Contents
Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers
Behav Res Methods Instrum Comput / Published from 1984 (Online from 2001) / Psychonomic Society, Inc. / Table of contents / Abstracts for free / Fulltext for subscribers via CatchWord / cited in Medline(index medicus)
Biocontrol Science and Technology
Journal / Published from 1991 (Online from 1995) / Taylor & Francis Group / Abstract for free / Full-text for subscribers / cited in SCI
/Biodegradation/1990/Kluwer Academic Publishers, c/English/0923-9820(Print); 1572-9729(Electronic); 0923-9820(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Also issued online.
Bioelectrochemistry and bioenergetics
Bioelectrochem Bioenerg / Changed its title to "Bioelectrochemistry" as 2000 / Official journal of the Bioelectrochemical Society / Published from 1974 (Online from 1974) / Elsevier Science / Abstracts for free / Fulltext for subscribers via ScienceDirect / cited in Medline(index medicus)
Bioelectrochemical Society./Bioelectrochemistry/2000/Elsevier/English/1567-5394(Print); 1878-562X(Electronic); 1567-5394(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/An international journal devoted to electrochemical aspects of biology and biological aspects of electrochemistry. Also issued online. Official journal of the Bioelectrochemical Society.
in Biology and Medicine.; European Bioelectromagnetics Association./Bioelectromagnetics/1980/New York, Liss./English, English/0197-8462(Print); 1521-186X(Electronic); 0197-8462(Linking)/Periodicals/Indexed Medline/Bioelectromagnetics Society, the Society for Physical Regulation in Biology and Medicine, and the European Bioelectromagnetics Association.
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