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      With the wealth of medical information available to us through the Internet, the need for
      organized, efficient access to useful, credible medical information is more prominent than ever.
      Our vision is to become the definitive source of quality information for the worldwide medical community,
      while promoting the exchange of new information and ideas between medical professionals.

      MediSurf Inc. is the professional knowledge (biomedicine) based platform that serves
      highly specialized search results, professional knowledge based categorized information of
      medical devices, and open community for medical persons.

      MediSurf and its sibling database, MedAlls will present an optimized platform
      for specialized medical materials.

      MediSurf/MedAlls' analyzes Big Data for medical devices, information, and markets and
      provides useful information to both consumers and suppliers.

  Demand Survey and Results
      There is no reliable referencing site of categorized medical devices on the internet.
      And there is no reference for physicians, individuals, and
      hospitals to guide selection of medical devices fby usage and size.

      There is a difficulty in grasping the contents because the information
      provided after retrieval of medical devices is unstructured. There should
      be a medical device platform for each application, data update and cross check.

      Low reliability of offered information on existing search results on the internet.

  Solutions of
      MedAlls is made up of professionally designed categories and data.
      Its platform is to maintain up-to-date data through targeted crawling.

      MedAlls offers an optimized platform for selecting highly reliable products
      by linking products with public data, academic materials, product- specific reference
      provided by its own expert team, and information through analysis of customers' big data

      MedAlls provides a variety of information access to data access and
      makes it easy to see the data.
      It also provides high reliability of data through cooperation with product companies.

      MedAlls will collect and analyze authorization data from the FDA, EU,
      Korea, Japan, China, etc., and will ensure that it is the standard for reliable
      medical product information globally.

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