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Breast Cancer, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
NIEHS Shorcut Isolates and Clones BRCA2 Gene in Yeast ; Success Leads to Establishment of Gene Isolation Unit / About breast cancer
Chromosome 16 Disorders, DOC 16 Foundation
Chromosome 16 Disorders /about our foundation || what are chromosome 16 disorders? || our stories || FAQs || special events related medical articles
Chromosome Abnormalities, Chromosome Deletion Outreach
Introduction to Chromosome Abnormalities / About chromosome abnormalities. What Are Chromosomes?, What Is A Karyotype?, How Are Chromosomes And Chromosome Abnormalities Labeled?, What Is A Chromosome Deletion?, What Is A Chromosome Duplication?, What Is A Chromosome Ring?, What Is A Chromosome Inversion?
Craniofacial Genetic Diseases Dental and Oral, NIDCR
Dental, Oral and Craniofacial Genetic Diseases/Disorder [database]
Down Syndrome Trisomy 21, Cytogallery
Trisomy 21, picture of chromosome
Down Syndrome, Down Syndrome
How to Treat People with Down Syndrome: Some Tips for Family Physicians 1993/ Summary: People with Down syndrome are part of our community and as such are part of the GP's patient population. While there are some medical conditions which are more common in people with an extra chromosome 21, there is nothing which is unique to this group or which is totally outside the scope of general practitioner involvement. The key to good quality care is to be familiar with the syndrome but, more importantly, to know the person who has the syndrome. The advocacy efforts of people with Down syndrome and their families have resulted in huge improvements in life quality and expectancy. The medical profession is attempting to match these developments by becoming more sophisticated in its approach to ethical issues, more energetic in its provision of care and more cooperative in its interactions with people who have Down syndrome and their families.
Down Syndrome, Down Syndrome Health Issues
Down Syndrome : Health Issues Down Syndrome Articles DS Information Lists Down Syndrome Health Guidelines Controversies in DS
Down Syndrome, Growth Charts for Children with Down Syndrome
Growth Charts for Children with Down Syndrome / About down syndrome
Down Syndrome, Growth Charts for Children with Down Syndrome
Growth Charts for Children with Down Syndrome
Down Syndrome, National Down Syndrome Society
About Down Syndrome : General Info / About down syndrome
Down Syndrome, National Down Syndrome Society
Down Syndrome/ Incidence of Down syndrome, When was Down syndrome discovered, Why is Down syndrome referred to as a "genetic condition", What causes Down syndrome, What is the chance of having a second child with Down syndrome, Are any prenatal tests available to detect Down syndrome, How is Down syndrome diagnosed in a newborn, Do babies with Down syndrome have medical problems, How does Down syndrome affect a person's development, What does the future hold for people with Down syndrome, Questions and Answers About Down Syndrome, Down Syndrome: Myths and Truths
Down Syndrome, National Down Syndrome Society
About Down Syndrome : Educational Info
Down Syndrome, National Down Syndrome Society
About Down Syndrome : Educational Info established in 1979 to ensure that all people with Down syndrome have the opportunity to achieve their full potential in community life
Down Syndrome, National Down Syndrome Society
About Down Syndrome : Clinical Info / About down syndrome. The Heart And Down Syndrome, Endocrine Conditions In Down Syndrome, Alzheimer's Disease And Down Syndrome, Sexuality In Down Syndrome, The Neurology Of Down Syndrome, Early Intervention And Down Syndrome, Alternative Therapies And Down Syndrome, Speech And Language In Infants, Toddlers And Young Adults, Speech And Language In Children And Adolescents, Life Planning, NDSS Position On Vitamin Related Therapies, NDSS Position On Use Of Piracetam, NDSS Position On Cosmetic Surgery For Children With Down Syndrome, Web Sites On Down Syndrome Health Resources
Down Syndrome, National Down Syndrome Society
About Down Syndrome / General information// Incidence Of Down Syndrome, When Was Down Syndrome Discovered? Why Is Down Syndrome Referred To As A Genetic Condition? What Causes Down Syndrome? What Is The Chance Of Having A Second Child With Down Syndrome? Are Any Prenatal Tests Available To Detect Down Syndrome? How Is Down Syndrome Diagnosed In A Newborn? Do Babies With Down Syndrome Have Medical Problems? How Does Down Syndrome Affect A Person's Development? What Does The Future Hold For People With Down Syndrome?, Questions And Answers About Down Syndrome, Down Syndrome : Myths And Truths, Reading And Viewing Resources List
Down Syndrome, OMIM
Down Syndrome / About down syndrome. Description, Clinical Features, Cytogenetics, Mapping, Molecular Genetics, Pathogenesis, Population Genetics, Mini-Mim, Clinical Synopsis
Down Syndrome, OMIM
Down Syndrome/ OMIM Entry #190685 general information
Down Syndrome, WebPath
The prenatal facial features of Down syndrome [image]
Genetic Disorders, The Nemours Foundation
An Introduction to Genetics and Genetic Testing / About genetic testing. Genes And Chromosomes, Genetic Problems, Genetic Tests, When Do Doctors Recommend Genetic Testing?, A Word Of Caution, A Great Potential, More Information
Genetic Syndromes,
Genetic Syndromes / About genetic syndromes
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